Headteacher Claire Ingrams

Claire Ingrams- Headteacher at Lime Wood Primary School


What attracted you to Woodland Academy Trust?

I have worked for the Trust since its inception having started my teaching career at one of our schools before a federation and Trust process took place. I have seen the difference that working in a MAT can bring; particularly linked to collaborative working and the support that can bring for each other across our teams.


Why did you want to become a Headteacher

I always loved to play ‘schools’ when I was a child, inspired by my aunt and uncle who were both teachers. As I grew older, my own educational experience; being a child with a statement of special educational needs due to my hearing impairment, and the barriers that my mother faced in challenging the local authority to allow me to stay in a mainstream setting, also inspired me to make a difference to the lives of children.


What three things bring you most joy about your role?

1. Walking through a school during the day and seeing and hearing classes of children and staff enjoying the learning taking place; popping in and seeing the smiles on children’s faces when they welcome you in and want to share the learning they are experiencing in that moment.

2. Being able to grab those moments with smaller groups of children to discuss and share their learning and find out from them what they can do to improve.

3. Working with a team of colleagues and empowering them to be the best that they can be in their role.


What does school community mean to you and which aspects are you looking most forward to at Lime Wood?

A school community consists of all stakeholders; children, parents, carers, governors, staff, anyone that is interested and invested in the education of the children that a school serves. To me, that sense of community means everyone having the opportunity to come together, collaborate together, celebrate and challenge each other to ensure that the educational experience for all children is ambitious, inclusive and supports children to achieve the best that they can. I am really looking forward to getting to know our first community members of children, parents/carers and staff as we build the school together. Starting a new school is a unique experience for all involved and I am hopeful that the community will be able to enjoy that experience together.


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