Headteacher Abigail Oldfield

6th Mar 2023

Abigail Oldfield- Headteacher at Willow Bank Primary School


What attracted you to Woodland Academy Trust?

I live very locally and wanted to be able to work in a community I have been part of for many years. The values driven leadership of the Trust also attracted me as this is also what drives me to work hard and do my best for the children and families we serve. I also enjoy a challenge and I wanted to learn and grow with a new organisation, having worked with another academy trust for a number of years.


Why did you want to become a Headteacher?

I did not set out to become a headteacher and loved being a class teacher for many years. Through luck and circumstance I then became a SENCo, Phase Leader, Deputy Headteacher and Headteacher and have enjoyed every step. As a child, I loved school (Lessness Heath) and teaching was something I always had in the back of my mind, even though as a young adult my dream was to become a windswept and interesting artist!


What three things bring you most joy about your role?

1. I love challenging and changing preconceptions about a child, class or a school by always looking for the positive first, because there is always something (however small) worth noticing and celebrating.

2. I love working with children every day as their honesty, open-mindedness and positivity remind me that we learn as much from them as they do from us.

3. I love that teaching is a job where time flies and is comprised of multiple moments that make me smile, laugh, cry and feel such pride that I can’t imagine ever wanting to do anything else.


What does school community mean to you and which aspects of your school community are you most proud of?

I am proud to belong to a very diverse community as I feel this is a huge strength of Willow Bank. Our families are supportive and have high aspirations for their children, as we do. I am proud that many of our staff live in the local community and have such strong links to our families that we are able to connect and build trust and partnerships effectively. We are working hard to ensure our community is reflected in the curriculum we teach and our children have a sense of pride and belonging they will carry with them long after they have left us.

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