Lights ... camera ... action - Thinking Hats Video !

We are delighted to share a video, starring our very own children and staff, to explain how we use the “Thinking Schools” approach to our children’s learning. Across our schools we use the Six Thinking Hats and maps where both children and staff learn how to think reflectively, critically and creatively. This supports each and every one of our children to become independent learners.

Effort and persistence helps any child to make great progress regardless of their starting point and achieving their personal goals raises their self-esteem and belief in themselves. As a result, children are more likely to keep trying when they encounter difficulties. Being able to think, problem solve, share ideas and act independently are some one of the most important skills that our children can learn.

By creating children to be independent learners, we are also creating young adults who will continue to be independent thinkers in their lives beyond the classroom.

So, take it away Paul, Meda, Rachel, Abella, Matilda and Sylvester ………

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