Our Bexley schools find themselves celebrated within the Bexley Magazine.

Our Bexley schools find themselves celebrated within the Bexley Magazine.


Bexley’s schools are doing their best to remain open to support families who need them most at this difficult time.

For the children who are at home, staff have adapted to the change by finding a variety of ways to keep them engaged with school work. Some teachers have been reading to their pupils via YouTube. Others have been getting pupils engaged with new topics by inviting them to dress up as if they are on holiday and sharing the photos with the class on Google Classroom. Some Bexley PE teachers have even created their own You Tube fitness channels.

As well as these new ways of working, four innovative Bexley School Hubs have been formed and are working together for local children.

Two school Hubs opened at the end of March at St Fidelis Catholic Primary School and Northumberland Heath primary schools. They were joined by Parkway Primary School on 6 April and London South East Colleges (LSEC) Hubs last month (20 April).

St Fidelis Catholic Primary School is sharing its site with St Thomas More Catholic Primary School. Woodlands Academy Trust Schools, Northumberland Heath Primary and Peareswood are sharing a site together while Parkway Primary School is welcoming children and staff from Willow Bank Primary School.

The newest LSEC Hub in Erith, will support local special schools if they are forced to close.
Children who attend the hubs range from nursery to year 6 and receive hot meals at the schools.
The Department for Education were impressed by the speed and efficiency shown in setting up the hubs.

The Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr John Fuller said: “In a typical positive ‘Bexley way’ our schools are all doing a great job of staying open where and when they can, and I thank them for all they are doing at this time. The Hubs are bringing together facilities, support and experience. I’m so impressed with the way they have just got on with it and are now operating almost like business as usual, while continuing to stick to the current social distancing guidelines.
“As we continue in this uncertain period it is necessary for us all to do things differently and this is a prime example of how we are doing just that. I want to say a massive thanks to all the Council and school staff who continue to be there for the children of our key workers, and for those children who need the most care.”

Mark Hannon, Headteacher of St Fidelis Catholic Primary School explains: “Every day between 20 and 40 children are able to come to school safely in each Hub, which enables their parents to continue to fulfill their vital roles within society. Each Hub is seeing an increase in demand as time passes and each has the capacity to expand according to need.

“Over the past four weeks it has been wonderful to see the benefits that working in partnership has brought to staff, parents and, most importantly, our children.” said Colette Doran-Hannon, Headteacher of St Thomas More.

Dan Morrow, CEO of Woodland Academy Trust says “There continues to be an exciting range of opportunities across the Hubs. Google Classroom is available to all pupils across each Trust school and our staff have worked from home to secure unlimited resources. Teachers have been encouraging children to share their work and have been delighted to see the quality of what they are doing at home and within the Hubs.

“Reception children have demonstrated their new maths skills, and older children have shared diary entries about topics such as how they miss their school’s wellbeing dog. We have also been able to share photos with the children of the school grounds, keyworker children who have chalked rainbows on the playground and we have seen pictures of the beautiful flowers that pupils had planted at school.“

Gina Nash, a parent of children at Northumberland Heath Primary School, said: “Everyone at Northumberland Heath Primary School has gone above and beyond, and their support has been amazing. Staff have been incredibly selfless and caring. Mrs Beale, the Deputy Head, even offered to deliver food herself. It is wonderful to know that our school is so ready to help during this stressful time.”

Robert Celino-Stock, Headteacher at Parkway says, “This has been a very positive experience during a challenging time which has allowed two of the schools in our community to provide a single hub, sharing key roles while maintaining two separate offers for a growing number of children and their families. I’m very proud to be part of it.”



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