Professionals as Researchers

Professionals as Researchers at the Woodland Academy Trust

We are delighted that some of our colleagues across our family of schools are engaging in action research this academic year alongside the University of Greenwich and Open University.

Four colleagues will be completing Action Research, complete with MA credits. Their projects will include a focus on the following four areas:

• Metacognition
• Character Education
• Assessment and Feedback
• Mastery

In addition, a further four colleagues will be undertaking enquiry projects in the same areas.

To further embed, our Reading for Pleasure culture across the schools, sixteen colleagues will come together to meet as a Reading for Pleasure pedagogy group.

At the end of the year, our colleagues will present their research findings to our family of schools. How exciting!


A Reading for Pleasure pedagogy group of teachers from our family of schools joined together for their first session with Roger McDonald from the University of Greenwich. Our teachers will be working together over the course of the academic year focusing on embedding our vision for a Reading for Pleasure culture. Their work will culminate at the end of the year with presentations and recommendations to further enhance our provision for our children ensuring that they have a true love of reading. Look out for their presentations which will be shared via the Open University Research Rich Pedagogies website in July 2019.

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Chartered College

As a commitment to our teachers, the Trust has arranged for each teacher within our family of schools to benefit from membership to the Chartered College. We are committed to investing in professional development and know that the opportunities available to them through being a member will be invaluable.

The Chartered College of Teaching is a professional body for teachers and leaders who want to work in a more informed way to provide the best possible education for our children.

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