Governance Register of Interests & Attendance

In order to comply with the Academies Financial Handbook, please see below details for each Member and Trustee who has served at any point over the past 12 months, their full names, date of appointment, term of office, date they stepped down (where applicable), who appointed them, and relevant business and pecuniary interests including governance roles in other educational institutions. The document also details the attendance records of Members and Trustees at meetings during the last academic year.

Our Bexley hub of schools is governed by a Regional Governing Board and was constituted with effect from 1st September 2018.  The Local Governing Bodies of the schools ceased on 31st August 2018 and the register of interests for the Hub Governors can be viewed on the schools' websites.

Our Kent School is governed by a Local Governing Body and was constituted on 1st January 2017 and the register of interests for the LGB Governors can be viewed on the school website.

Miss Navdeep Sanghara is the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust and the Accounting Officer.

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