Our Family of Schools

We are a Trust family of primary schools in the London Borough of Bexley and North Kent

Northumberland Heath Primary School                                  NHP photo2

NHP logo diamondNorthumberland Heath Primary is a three form entry school at the heart of Northumberland Heath in Erith. Our school is a safe and happy place of learning and achievement. We pride ourselves on offering a broad and balanced curriculum based on the local community, the United Kingdom and beyond.
We are committed to providing our children with the tools to enable them to access their learning, grow socially and emotionally as well as academically.
We understand the importance of emotional wellbeing and  mental health and hold them at the heart of the school's aspirations.
Reading is celebrated here at Northumberland Heath in a variety of different ways. We are really proud of our Beale's Book Barn, a dedicated space for reading that has helped to increase reading for pleasure - a key driver for our school.

Feb 2020 Ofsted - Northumberland Primary School (northumberlandheathprimaryschool.co.uk)

Knockhall Primary School                                                              KHP Photo

KHP logo diamondKnockhall Primary School is an energetic primary school at the heart of the community in Greenhithe. It has recently had a brand new build for the Early Years and Foundation stage children in addition to a recent extension for key stage 2.
We want to capture the minds of our learners by creating an inspirational curriculum that adults enjoy delivering. We always strive to improve on our outcomes to ensure or children get the very best from their time with us. More than anything however, we do this as peers, supporting each other along the way with a focus on our core purpose.

October 2019 Ofsted - Knockhall School (knockhallprimaryschool.co.uk)

Peareswood Primary School                                                          PWP photo

PWP logo diamondAt Peareswood we promote independence through adventure and excellence through challenge. At the heart of our curriculum is a belief that all children have the potential to excel in all areas. We value highly the partnership between home and school, and encourage all parents and carers to take an active part in the education of their children.
Our belief that children can excel extends beyond the traditional curriculum, and we offer a strong emphasis on outdoor and adventure learning. We want our children to leave us with qualifications beyond the traditional curriculum. We aim for every child to achieve qualifications in swimming, rock climbing and cycling whilst also working to complete their John Muir Award. We achieve this through our PE curriculum and the use of residential experiences.
Our school vision is:
Learning together we grow as one, ensuring each child achieves their potential and feels happy and safe in school, with differences celebrated.
To achieve our vision, each member of staff will be a children’s champion, working alongside the community. We will support and nurture in order to ensure our values are embraced.

May 2019 Ofsted - Peareswood Primary School

Willow Bank Primary School                                                          WBP photo

WBP logo diamondWelcome to Willow Bank Primary School. Our school believes that every child has the potential to excel in all areas of the school curriculum, and we strive relentlessly to make it happen.
Our five school values underpin daily life at Willow Bank:
We encourage all children and adults to demonstrate respect. We are all different and are individuals, and we respectfully celebrate the diversity of our school community.
We encourage all children and adults to demonstrate pride. We want our school community to be proud of the achievements of each individual. We work together to instil a love of learning throughout the school community. We recognise the importance of children and adults being able to adapt to an ever-changing world, and to recognise the worth that education makes to their lives.
We encourage all children and adults to be and demonstrate tolerance. We develop the need to listen to people’s opinions and to understand the different needs of our school community.
We expect all members of our school community to demonstrate teamwork. Our children are the adults and leaders of tomorrow, and it is important that they develop the skills to live and work together now and in the future.
We are extremely proud of all the children and adults who learn together in a vibrant school community.

December 2017 Ofsted - Willow Bank Primary School




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