Teacher Training

Initial Teacher Training

 Sorry, we currently have no Teacher Training vacancies. Please contact recruitment@nhp.bexley.sch.uk to register your interest.

Our schools and the University of Greenwich work in partnership to provide initial teacher training. Training is delivered directly from the university as well as a training programme which is devised by the Trust schools.

Our partnership follows the School Direct salaried route. Salaried route students qualify with qualified teacher status (QTS).


  •  Each ITT student and NQT that joins the Trust support each school’s development         priorities
  •  Contribute to the school improvement plan in order to achieve KPIs/targets
  •  Have an effective system of support that ensures that they successfully pass their         ITT/NQT year at a high standard with a clear understanding of Teacher Standards
  •  Consistency in assessment procedures across WAT – ITT (TIP) and NQT (Termly           reports)
  •  ITT/NQTs and Mentors across WAT that secure high quality provision through               regular self-reflection and evaluations of practice
  •  Network across Trust to support each other in their professional development               priorities
  •  Passionate teachers committed to remaining within their original school/WAT school     so that they can progress within the teaching and learning pathways - high levels of     retention

Bradley Harris - School Direct, My Journey


The Woodland Academy Trust School Direct training programme has been an absolutely brilliant way of becoming a teacher. The experience you get is invaluable, largely to the sheer amount of time you spend in school, by the end of the year the class really feels like yours! The level of support available was outstanding, it enabled me to thrive and focus on my strengths and also areas of development. The quality of lectures and workshops has been amazing and the friends and memories I have made will stay with me forever. Teaching is a fabulous career and I cannot thank the Woodland Academy Trust enough for allowing me this opportunity.

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