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Welcome to Lime Wood Free School

Lime Wood Free School, the fifth school to join the family of the Woodland Academy Trust, is a brand new school being built on the site of a disused quarry in Erith as part of a housing development.  It is due to open in September 2019 and will cater initially for a Reception cohort of children with increasing capacity to 630 places for children aged 5-11 years.


It is intended that the Lime Wood Free School curriculum will be very much based upon the ecological and conservation principles on which the entire site is due to be developed.   It will be designed to promote children’s independence as learners and to provide them with the motivation and skills to succeed, whatever their circumstances. Given the wonderful setting, and ecological environment, a major part of the curriculum will be based on an outdoor and adventure theme.  The proposed site sits within an area dominated by housing, road links and industry, and is essentially an oasis within the community. 


Lime Wood Free School will inspire all children through the use of the outdoors and strive for everyone to achieve qualifications in a wide range of adventure pursuits; opportunities they would be unlikely to have access to otherwise.


Mr Dan Morrow, CEO of the Woodland Academy Trust said:

 “We are delighted to have the opportunity to open Lime Wood Free School as part of our Trust family of Northumberland Heath, Peareswood and Willow Bank Primary Schools.  The Trust is passionate about serving the children and their families in Bexley by ensuring outstanding provision and outstanding outcomes for every child within this community.


This new free school will support the need for places generated by housing development planned for the Borough of Bexley and will reflect the aspirations we have for all of our schools and will offer another avenue of choice for parents and pupils.     


The Trust values parents’ involvement and support in their children’s learning and this has been a success in all of our schools and will continue within Lime Wood.  We strongly believe each child’s success is enhanced when they are able to build on their classroom learning at home.  


We very much look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with our governing body, dedicated staff, our supportive parents and the local community for the benefit of the local children and their families.”


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The Trust is in the pre-opening stage of this project and working towards its preferred site in the Erith Quarry and its preferred date of opening in September 2019; both of which are to be confirmed by the Department for Education.