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Trust Governance

Woodland Academy Trust Governance


The operation of the Woodland Academy Trust is detailed within the Master Funding Agreement and Articles of Association approved by the Department for Education for our schools.


The Trust's Governing Body is separated into three tiers:  Members, Trustees and Governors.



As charitable companies limited by guarantee every Trust has Members who have a similar role to the shareholders of a company limited by shares. They:


  • are the subscribers to the Trust’s memorandum of association (where they are founding members)
  • may amend the Articles of Association (the Articles include a definition of the Trust’s charitable objects and governance structure) subject to any restrictions in the Articles or in the Trust’s funding agreement or charity law
  • have powers to appoint and remove Trustees in certain circumstances
  • appoint the Trust’s Auditors and receive the Trust’s audited annual accounts (subject to the Companies Act).



The Trustees are also its company directors and have ultimate accountability for the schools in the Trust. The Board of Trustees manages the business of the Trust and focus strongly on the three core functions of governance:


  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.


Our Trustees' combined skills offer a wealth of experience to support the Trust in its activities. 



Each school has its own Local Governing Body” (LGB) which comprises nine Governors, including the Head Teacher.  They play a supporting and challenging role for the school’s leadership with regard to the curriculum and the attainment and progress of our children.    Their responsibilities are: 


  • "day-to-day" oversight of running of the schools;
  • carrying out the Trust’s vision policies and priorities;
  • hold the school leadership to account for academic performance;
  • quality of care and provision;
  • overseeing and monitoring the effectiveness of local strategies;
  • seeking value for money and ensuring resources are applied appropriately at school level; and
  • supporting the Board in relation to proper use of funds and delivering high quality educational provision.
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All members of the Trust's governance groups are required to follow the principles

of public conduct set out by the Nolan Committee, including the declaration of

individuals' interests which can be viewed below.







Name, appointment date, relevant business and pecuniary interest and meeting attendance details can be viewed under each school's Local Governing Body webpage or by clicking on the links below:



Trustee with leadership responsibility for the Trust's Safeguarding Arrangements:


Mr Alan Russell


Named Safeguarding Governors for each Local Governing Body:


Mrs Sue Butterfill, Knockhall Primary School

Mrs Lisa Ludford, Northumberland Heath Primary School

Mrs Leanna Rogers, Peareswood Primary School

Mrs Carla Ferla, Willow Bank Primary School




The Trust complies with all statutory requirements in the following publications:




How to contact the Woodland Academy Trust Governing Body


Chair of Trustees

Mr Alan Russell


Chair of the Knockhall Local Governing Body

Mr Jim Rouncefield


Chair of the Northumberland Heath Local Governing Body

Miss Rebecca Johnson


Chair of the Peareswood Local Governing Body

Mr Neil Riddington


Chair of the Willow Bank Local Governing Body

Mrs Eva Tinka





Exciting Governance Opportunity


The Woodland Academy Trust are looking for people who have experience and knowledge  in Finance/Accountancy and Human Resources to be able to contribute effectively to the Governance of our Trust.


Although becoming a Governor is an unpaid job, the rewards of such a role are interminable. Joining our Board of Directors will enable you to effectively contribute to the leadership and development of the Trust through taking on the ‘critical friend’ role and challenging the Trust to ensure our schools are providing the best possible education for all the children within our care.


If you are interested in becoming a Governor for the Woodland Academy Trust please contact the Clerk to Governors, Ms S Steven on with your name, experience in Finance and/or HR and a short description of why you would like to become a Governor.


Mr Alan Russell

Chair, Woodland Academy Trust Governing Body