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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice at Northumberland Heath Primary School


Article 12 of the UN convention for children’s rights states that “Every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously”.


At Northumberland Heath Primary School we aim to achieve this through our wide range of pupil voice groups. We believe strongly that the right to participate in a democratic process, and to contribute positively to the lives of those around them, are fundamental British values that all children should be taught to uphold.


Through participation in our pupil voice groups our children gain an understanding of how citizens can influence decision making. For children not directly elected to a pupil voice role, they learn how a representative body makes decisions in their best interests.


At Northumberland Heath Primary School we have the following pupil voice roles serving the best interests of all of our children:


Restaurant Committee


There are 8 members of the Pupil Voice in this team.


We meet once a month for our meetings to discuss the menu, special theme days and different ideas the children might have and share recipes.


Our role as part of being in the Restaurant Committee is to explore new ideas from our class and friends, to discuss problems that have been raised in the restaurant and to make sure we get a healthy balance meal.


At the moment we are looking at new ideas for our salad bar and using tongs and not spoons at the salad bar.


The Restaurant Committee has been set up for many years and always is a very

popular team to be on.


School Council


There are 22 members of the Pupil Voice in this team.


We meet fortnightly to discuss items on the agenda raised by the Chair Person. Items discussed are to have a specialist gymnastic teacher come into the school to teach PE and prizes for attendance at the end of the year. This Pupil Voice team has been running in the school for many years and has managed to get new playground markings for KS1 and KS2.  


Sports Champions


There are 6 members of the Pupil Voice in this team.


We meet once a half term to discuss sporting matters.


Our role as part of the Sports Champions is to promote our sports within the school and to develop our sporting skills within the inter-trust sporting events.


Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO)


There are 4 members of the Pupil Voice in this team.


We meet once a month to discuss items such as be bright be seen, road safety and walking to school.


Our role within the school is to promote walking to school, keeping safe, meeting with road crossing patrol person and looking at other ways to travel to school.




There are 5 E-deputies as part of the Pupil Voice term. We meet every half term to discuss E- safety issues.


Our role is to promote E-safety, deal with e-safety issues within the school and to look at the school web site to promote E sheriff as our E-safety mascot.


With the technology today it is important to learn E-safety and to have an understanding on how to keep safe.


Eco Warriors


There are 17 Pupil Voice members in this team.


We meet every half term to discuss what is going well and to prepare for the next stage of our planting and planning. We are very lucky at NHP because the fruit and vegetables that we produce go to our cooking club where we learn different cooking skills, methods and follow a recipe. After that we get to eat whatever we make.


Performing Arts


There are 15 Pupil Voice members in this team.


This is a new Pupil Voice team and only started in September as NHP has a passion for Performing Arts.  Each year a production is put on for Easter, Christmas, Shakespeare and year 6 end of year show.


Our aim is to promote performing arts in our school as well as work alongside Erith School Drama Department.


At the moment we are practising for our Christmas Carole Service at St Paul’s Church.




Here at NHP we have 10 Pupil Voice Ambassadors.


This is very new to the school as it only stated last year.


The aim of the Ambassadors is to generate ideas for learning, help children to achieve their full potential, gain confidence and to be a role model within the school.


At the moment the Ambassadors are looking to improve their Friday assemblies.


North Heath Squad


There are 5 NHS Leaders from Year 6 and then backed up by 20 support NHS from year 5.


Their role is to support the children in the playground and to encourage them to play and work as a team as well as help with minor situations in the playground and to play the weekly game.