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What is a policy?


A policy is a clear statement of intention based on the mission, values, vision and aims of the school as negotiated by all stakeholders.


Questions Governors may ask to make sure a policy is appropriate:


•             Is this policy fulfilling the purpose intended?

•             Is the policy available on the school’s website/accessible to those who

               need it?

•             Does the policy adhere to current legislation and local guidance / procedures?

•             Has the policy been reviewed in line with our current review cycle?

•             Have there been any changes to the policy and what implications have these changes had?


The drafting of school policies can be delegated to any member of school staff. Not all policies need to be signed off by the Trust Governing Body. For some policies, the Governing Body is free to delegate approval to a committee, individual Governor or the Head Teacher.


It is up to Governors to find out how policies are making an impact on the school’s plans and actions.


Please see the policies listed under each school.