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In order to support and develop our work, the Trust actively engages in a range of strategic partnerships, thereby creating wider networks to support children and their families.


Currently, we work with a range of partners to support initiatives related to school-based initial teacher training.  These partners are Kent and Medway Training and the Leigh Academy Trust.   Further strategic partnerships are with a school improvement company called 'Incyte' and the New Horizons Teaching Schools Alliance (NHTSA). 


From Spring 2014, we also became involved in the Thinking Schools Academy Trust (TSAT).   The Thinking Schools Academy Trust is made up of a family of schools that work together to "improve the life chances" of all our children and young people. We share a common mission to nurture successful children who are confident and can think and act independently. Our cognitive approach to education defines us but does not create a "one size fits all" or an "academy-way of doing". Each member of the TSAT  family is equally as important and will share in a clear direction and ethos.