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Peareswood Primary School was inspected by Ofsted on 18-19 January 2017.


Dear Parents and Carers


Ofsted have marked our homework and we have some red ink on the pages. They have identified some areas to improve for us to continue on our journey of learning, and to better support our children.


I cannot pretend that I am not disappointed with the outcome of the inspection. However, just like a teacher's marking, the report is intended to help us as a school and as a governing body, improve upon our work, and continue to challenge ourselves to raise the outcomes for the children.


Mrs Smith and her team of teachers and support staff enjoy our complete confidence in their drive and ability to continue to improve their performance, and work for better results in the future. As the Governing Body we are dedicated to improve what we do, and lend our complete support to the children and staff.


The school has great strength in many areas, and the report highlights; where early years prepares pupils well for year 1, where skills in reading, writing and phonics are taught well, the curriculum supports the development of children, behaviour is good and safeguarding is effective.


Hence we have a strong foundation upon which to build. We must use the report in a positive and constructive way, as in every episode of adversity, and heartbreak there is a seed which we must plant and nurture to improve our performance and outcomes in the future.


I would urge you to read the report and to raise any questions that you have with me, members of the Governing Body, Mrs Smith or any member of her staff.


We all have a part to play in this work, and that work starts today, and each and every day we go into school. It is only with your continued support and working together as a team that we will learn the lessons of this report and work even harder to improve the outcomes for the children and the school.

Children remain at the heart of what we do at Peareswood.


Mr N Riddington

Chair and on behalf of the Local Governing Body

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